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Hi, I’m Danielle Anderson, founder of Step & Stone.

I love helping passionate entrepreneurs run successful businesses which have a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Through my individual coaching sessions, focus sessions, ClarityKit and monthly events, I help people just like you to underpin your business with solid foundations.

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4 bad habits to fix before making that cold call

I was asked a question recently in my private Social Startups Facebook group (click here to request to join the group) about my thoughts on cold-calling.  Is it something I would suggest as a way to generate new leads?

How do you feel about picking up the phone to call a stranger?  Will they be interested in whatever it is that you want them to buy?  Would they even hear you out til the end of your rehearsed sentence?  Or would they hang up and leave you feeling even more deflated than you already do because you’re not making any money?

(FYI – I share my response below.)Continue Reading

how to stop burnout from stopping you

I’ve met plenty of entrepreneurs who boast about the number of hours they put into their business, almost as though it’s a badge of honour they proudly wear on their sleeve.

They talk about being part of #TeamNoSleep, as though it’s a competition on who can get by on the least amount possible.

They tell me that if you love what you do, it’s not really work.

They tell me that they’ll work an 80-hour week for themselves to avoid working a 40-hour week for someone else.

I understand the excitement of starting  a business.  I understand that there are so many things to do and how difficult it can be to fit it all in.  I understand how when you’re just about to go to bed, thoughts come pouring into your head and keep you from falling asleep.  It happens to me, too.

I’m guilty

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4 startup lessons from real entrepreneurs

You have an amazing idea, right?

Sometimes it keeps you awake at night because you’re just so excited by it!

You’ve given up your 9-to-5 job so that you can put 100% of your time and efforts into your business.  And yet it still doesn’t seem like enough.

Progress seems slow.  You have so many things to do.  You lack sleep.

Guess what?Continue Reading

my startup confession: 2014 year in review

In the last run up to the holidays and the end of the year, we can all be feeling a little bit overwhelmed and possibly even a little burnt out.

For many of you, the holidays may be the only time that you take your foot off the accelerator and give yourselves a chance to catch your breath.

For others, you’re looking forward to the quiet period – you’ll finally the headspace to focus on what’s next.

Will you take an opportunity to acknowledge how far you’ve come in the past 12 months?

I will.  And in today’s post I’d like to share my year with you and my goals for the year ahead.Continue Reading

how to manage your time better in business

Do you find it hard to focus on your longer term strategy for business growth and still keep the day-to-day running?

Even more of a specific question: How hard is it to choose what to prioritise on a daily basis?

You’re not alone.

Hi, I’m Heather, and I know exactly how you feel!

Not only has starting my own business recently pushed my own juggling skills to the max, but as a remote personal assistant I’ve also helped many people just like you.  I meet so many business owners who are stuck in the day-to-day.

It is killing their business AND it’s killing their passion.

Don’t let this happen to you.  You can manage your time better.Continue Reading

it’s time to stop comparing yourself to others

Confession time.

Sometimes I find myself comparing myself to others who are seemingly further ahead than me.  It can be painful and crippling to feel like I’m not good enough.

I imagine those “successful” people don’t have to work hard for things like I do – clients fall into their laps, they have tons of followers on social media who regularly engage, they’re always on top of their business activities, and they do it all gracefully!

Can you relate?

In our recent Social Sound Off, it emerged that most of us were comparing ourselves to others too.  So I’ve decided it’s time for us all to have…

a wake up call!

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what successful entrepreneurs do – and why it matters

Starting a business can be hard, eh?  You have so much passion for what you’re doing and hope that with a lot of hard work and dedication it will take off.

Yet at times that seems so far away.

Your greatest fear is that you won’t make it.  You will have put in so much blood, sweat, and tears yet have nothing to show for it.  You don’t want people to think you’re crazy.  You don’t want to look like you’ve failed.

So how can you increase your chances of being a successful entrepreneur?Continue Reading

how to price your product without emotion

Jane is starting a business.  She’s done her market research, she knows who her ideal customer is, and she’s decided on the first product to offer.

There’s just one sticking point: how to charge for it.  She has settled on a price, but it doesn’t feel quite right.  She’s not alone in thinking this – when she mentioned the price to a few friends, they raised their eyebrows and told her she’s undercharging.

But she’s terrified of raising the price and putting people off.  She thinks she should focus on quantity over profit so that she can break into the market.

You might relate to this – do you start to panic when someone asks you how much your product or costs?  Do you immediately drop your price if a potential customer says they can’t afford it?  Did you price your product so low that you’re barely breaking even or operating at a loss?  Or worse yet, do you even know? (*My handy spreadsheet below can help you!)Continue Reading

a helping hand: andrew’s story

What’s it like once you’ve battled those initial doubts and decided to launch a business?  Today, I’m delighted to introduce you to Andrew Williams who provides young people with guidance and support in broadening their life skills and provide a route into a career rather than a ‘job’.   Here, he shares his motivation for starting his business, YourLife Workshops, and what prompted him to reach out for a helping hand.


Before I started working with Danielle, I knew I had the passion and enough knowledge to start a business, but something was lacking.  I faced two big challenges – a lack of confidence and a lack of time.Continue Reading